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This treatment is designed to use a variety of different crystals and stone both surrounding and placed on the body.  Arrangements can also be made to have this session online.  The crystals are intuitively chosen to address your specific needs.  This is a deeply restorative treatment where only elements compressed over thousands of years storing information of the earth could bring.
In Person & Remote Sessions available.


This service is customized to each client and is primarily led by Spirit.  Past sessions have included: past life regression, chakra balancing, cord cutting, auric repair and much more.  It depends what is going on for you and what is contained in your energy field/light body.  I communicate with your highest self and together with Source we bring you the most effective healing treatment in that present moment.  If you have questions please reach out.

In Person & Remote Treatments Available

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Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science describes Heart Resonance (HR) as:  "a new form of energetic vibration FOR SELF AND OTHERS that is so simple, yet so powerful.  HR is an energy vibration that carries a “Divine Love” quality. It is this pure and nurturing frequency that forms the basis of the healing ability of a HR practitioner.

The HR frequency has been grounded at this time to help with the evolutionary shift of humanity that is currently taking place.

This service can address physical symptoms as well as emotions, mind & light body.

In Person & Remote Treatments Available


The house blessing is a sacred and beautiful ritual where one clears stagnant energies of the home, office, dwelling and asks that love, harmony, happiness & prosperity enter the home and bless the inhabitants.  We clear the property and dwelling & energize the space.  We  co-operatively create a space of kindness, support and love.

We also offer other ceremonies such as Rites of Passage & Clearing Energy surrounding Wills & Estate, contact to find out more.

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Our tinctures are made to order and carry  infused crystal harmonics, light, plant essences and other high vibrations, that work on subtle bodies.

We offer tinctures for the 7 Chakras as well as take custom orders.

A tincture can be added onto a service to be programmed with the benefits of your session as an adjunct.  This provides continuous support with the frequencies of your session long after it's conclusion.

Private Tincture Consultations

We discuss your goals and what you would like the tincture to address.  We then create the tincture targeting your specific needs.


I believe that Oracle readings are a powerful tool that can help you on your journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.  My readings are grounded in authenticity and respect; I am committed to creating a safe and comfortable space for you.  Whether you’re struggling with transitions or looking to expand your spiritual journey; leading with compassion & openness, together we'll create a personalized experience to answer your deepest questions and help shed light on your path. 

$50.00 - 30 min


Minimum booking 30 minutes

In Person, Zoom, Phone & Parties available



Tiffany has been an enthusiastic student of Tarot since 2021. She intuitively interweaves traditional card interpretations.  Her practice is inspired by contemporary tarot masters Lindsay Mack, Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack and guided with ancestral assistance.  Her collaborative approach to readings invites thoughtful and empowering reflections that help illuminate the path you're on and provide options as well as tools to help you align with your highest good.

$1.50 per minute

Minimum booking 30 minutes

In Person, Zoom, Phone & Parties available

Check out more about Tiffany & Tarot here

Rock Maze


This is an ongoing commitment where we help you cultivate a sacred relationship with the earth & the divine that will nourish and support you for life.  We explore in real time issues and blocks that bubble up to the surface. 

We touch base through weekly calls and discuss your experiences, challenges and ways to approach them using conscious tools.  Our mentorship blends multi-disciplinary assignments, exercises that help you hone your awareness skills through practice. 

We provide reflections that assist you in everyday life.  We challenge you, answer your questions and support you.

In Person, Zoom & Phone sessions available

Psychopomp Work

I work with loved ones that have passed to ensure a safe transition to their next journey.  This may be helpful in situations where the soul remains anchored to the earth after death.  Souls can remain on the earthly plane from guilt, shame, a sudden or traumatic passing or even a dedication to a life of service or attachment to another person or pet.  This work can be completed for humans & animal kind.

Please contact me if you have any questions or need further information about this kind of service. 

This work can be completed by distance and with minimal information.

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.  Part of my service includes a certain amount of pro bono work.

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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein

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