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"There are not enough positive words to express how life changing it has been working with Nadine.  Nadine is just an absolutely loving and caring person just being around her is calming and uplifting.  She is very skilled at what she does.  I have been working with Nadine for about 5 months.  After each of our sessions I feel lighter like 100 lbs have been lifted off my back.  She has helped so much with speeding up any physical issues I have had with my body.  She has cleansed so much negativity from me and my life and taught me how to put myself first and let go.  Her mentorship and guidance has been a life altering experience.  I highly recommend Nadine."

Jess B.

"I felt so light and different at work.  I know it was Monday and batteries are charged but thins seemed so much lighter...even when some things were head shakers or eye rollers.  I wasn't 'staying' in that moment and dwelling/thinking about it.  I just moved on.  Thank you for your Shadow Self event on Sunday night.  What came to me was meant to be. :) " 

Lana McCormick, Coquitlam, BC

“It's a blessing experience to join you with the shadow work ritual today! I feel light, grounded and full of love afterwards.”  

Valerie Huang, Burnaby, BC

“I highly recommend Nadine as a skilled,  kind and powerful energy worker. She applies a holistic approach to her healings in order to educate and empower you to continue your own healing journey. She is generous, patient and effective. Nadine has not only profound energy work but has invited me to develop the skills and confidence I require to participate and support my own spiritual health and awareness.”

T.K. Pitt Meadows, BC

"I've known Nadine for a long time and I could vouch for her as a friend and a person I love and trust, today I’d like to vouch for her as a guide, a mentor, and a healer. While deployed overseas I was experiencing intense inner turmoil after the recent end of a long relationship, and I was trying my best to cling to my sanity in an unfamiliar and dangerous environment. Nadine recommended I get my cards read. I was skeptical at first, but I trusted her as a friend and agreed. It was one of the best and most intriguing experiences I had this last year. She was a kind, knowledgeable, and empathetic guide as she led me through several readings over an online Skype session. She explained things in great detail, offered wonderful interpretation, and provided a welcoming atmosphere for a skeptical newbie. I had a rush of emotions during this session, and Nadine empathetically shared in them as well. It was comforting. Now here is where things get a little weird for me. I enjoyed the experience a lot, and the main theme for my personal story was “going through a period of growth”- which I was due to so many tough external factors. The cards determined that soon I’d enter my own period of prosperity and success, but most importantly happiness; that was something I couldn’t even conceive of at the time.  It’s been just over seven months since my reading, and I am living my best life. I am deep within my predicted season of growth and prosperity and I’m loving every minute of it. Honestly, it’s hard for me to articulate how surreal and almost ‘divine’ it feels when I look back on that reading and reference it as a turning point in my life’s recent chapter. " 

Raymond A. GA, USA

"I recently had the pleasure of having a reading done by Nadine.  Her set up is beautiful and she effortlessly put me at ease.  The depth of the information I received was vast and she helped provide insights into myself that I had never before considered.  She was also able to provide me with details about a previous relationship and a very good friend that were incredibly helpful.  Part way through the reading she offered to do some energy work for me which I was more than open to.  It was an incredible encounter in which I felt very at peace, and was physically able to tell at times where she was focusing her attention.  It was serene and cleansing experience!  I left the reading with Nadine feeling truly blessed for the messages and energy work I received!  I would highly recommend Nadine to anyone that is seeking information or assistance in their own personal healing journey!"

April S. BC, Canada

“Nadine performed a ceremony to mark my transition into my 40s that was life altering. It was an incredibly profound experience in which she created a sacred space to explore the first portion of my life and where I envisioned the next phase of my life. Her work is both gentle and intense. Nadine has training in multiple healing and energy modalities and brings all of her knowledge into her work based on the needs of her client.  I would definitely recommend her.”

T.O., Vancouver, BC

"Learning from Nadine has been an absolute blessing.  The knowledge and wisdom that I have learned from her has been life changing.  She has one of the strongest intuitions I have ever seen and is extremely knowledgeable in her multiple fields of work.  I am very excited to keep learning from her and expand my understanding of energy and light work!"  

A. McMillin, MO, USA

"Spring of 2020 was a stressful time for me.  Not only because of the global situation but also due to the fact that I was forced to deal with a challenging family member during the process of settling a "family estate matter" and the grief that goes with it all.  I decided to contact Nadine as I knew she was a powerful person who could help make things happen and get results.  Nadine is pretty much magical.  She came to my property as I have a yard that we could perform a sacred ceremony during the April Full Moon (Pink Super Moon) in a private fenced in area with a fire pit.  In her mystical toolbox, Nadine brought a number of cool items and tools that helped us align things so that intentions could be set and released for my upcoming meeting with the challenging family member that I mentioned previously.  Using a combination of powerful crystals, the colour purple, items from a sacred place she visited, along with the elements of earth, fire, water & air she began her course of action.

Before her arrival, she even gave me some homework of putting down in writing what the issues were and I needed to discover a positive intention about the upcoming uncomfortable family encounter.  She guided me through the entire process and I could feel that something had already been set in motion, because I felt more peaceful, as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  The stress began to leave my body, like physically.  The following weekend I drove out of town armed with my magical tools, one of which Nadine prepared during the Ceremony. This helped me prepare the property where the family encounter would occur.

The result of the Ceremony that Nadine directed me through so smoothly, was that our family meeting occurred without any major incidents, things seemed to improve and even were more civil than any times in the past, this continued into the weeks that followed.  So if you're looking for a bit of magical shit that will make a difference in your life and have a more positive outcome, then you need to book with her.  It worked for me.  I would recommend her and I would hire her for help with tricky situations in the future - basically because it works and she is knowledgeable about how to manifest Zen in order to reach specific goals.  I am impressed with her abilities, knowledge and gentle guidance that helped me steer through a hugely stressful situation."

JM, New Westminster, BC

“Nadine's gift fundamentally improved the energy and harmony of our house. She customized a large crystal grid that would address our family's needs, blessed and energetically cleared inside each part of our home, and then did a protective blessing around the property line. Six months later, we can still feel the positive effects of her energy work and blessings in our home.  She is extremely effective, and always seeks the gentlest means to support her work and the people that she helps.” 


"What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body."

Caroline Myss

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